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Cooking Classes in Brandon, FL

I was watching a PBS program the other night and found out about Chef Jaden and her food blog, Steamy Kitchen. Wow, talk about mouth-watering food pictures.

I came to find out through her blog that she sometimes teaches a cooking class at the Rolling Pin here in Brandon!!! Boy was I excited. Being chinese myself, I was so elated at the thought of being able to take one of her classes and learn to cook some of my favorite chinese and Asian dishes.

The only class available that’s being taught by Chef Jaden in March is a class on Dim Sum. Perfect!!! Dim sum is my favorite and what I miss most about living in NYC. It’s $50 for the class and runs from 6:30PM – 9PM. Here’s the link to the calendar for those of you living in or near Brandon.

What’s Dim Sum? Wikipedia has a great explanation of it here. This was one thing my parents and I did almost every Sunday for brunch when I was still living with them. My mom would almost always order chicken feet. Ewww! One thing I’d always order were the egg custard tarts which Chef Jaden will be teaching to cook at the class I’m signing up for. =)

Photo by roboppy

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