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Plastic Bag Keeper

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This was my first Works For Me Wednesdays post and it seems to be something that I noticed is most searched for according to my sitemeter stats. By that I mean that I get the most visitors from search engines for that particular WFMW post.

So, I’m re-posting it for this week’s WFMW: Greatest Hits Edition.

I buy Wal-Mart’s brand of kitchen trash bags and I buy the big box. It dispenses the bags through an opening on the side of the box. Once I’ve used up all the bags, I put regular grocery plastic bags in there to keep all those bags organized and neatly stored in that box and can take out 1 or 2 as needed nicely and easily.

I read somewhere that others use tissues boxes for that same reason. For me, the tissue box would be too small. I already have my big trash bag box stuffed already and have plenty left over to bring back to the store and put in the plastic bag recycling bin. =)

Now I can add to this that I will now use a tissue box (the smaller tissue box) to store plastic bags in the car. My hubs is notorious for just putting trash in the back of the car so now he has no excuse. He can just get a plastic bag out and put his trash in there.

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