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WFMW: Buying Fruits and Veggies in Season

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For all you frugal folks like me that are out there, it is always best to shop for fruits and veggies while they are in season. Some fruit like cherries just aren’t available here in Florida until it’s in season. The few times I’ve seen it out of season, it was at some obscene (to me) price like 6.99/lb or higher!

I remember seeing it at 6.99/lb one time when I was a cashier a few years ago. I remember the customer came through the line and when she saw it ring up to $15 for the cherries, she said “Take it off!!”. LOL I just remember thinking why didn’t she look at the price of the cherries before she put it in her cart.

Anyway, that was off topic. We’re coming to the end of strawberry season here in Florida and the prices have been pretty good the last month. Publix has had them on sale for several weeks in a row. Normal prices for them are $3 for 1 quart. Strawberry and cherry seasons are the ones I mainly pay attention to. =) I have a certain price point for veggies so I haven’t really kept up with veggie seasons.

If I really want something a lot of something in particular, I like to visit u-pick farms. Because you are picking them yourself, the prices are quite inexpensive. I’ve only done this for strawberries (see my post about that here) here in Florida but will start looking into this for other fruits and veggies. is a great website to search for the u-pick farms near you and to see what veggies/fruits are in season.

Truly, the best way to save money on fruits and veggies is to grow your own. I’m looking into growing my own organic strawberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes. We live in a townhouse so I’m considering getting an earthbox or a Bloom Master Planter Kit.

I miss being able to just go and cut my own cucumbers, beans, chives, etc. from my mom’s garden. I grew up with my mom always in our backyard tending her veggie garden or her flower garden in the front yard. We’d always have an abundance of cucumbers, garlic chives, tomatoes. We always had such a variety of veggies and herbs such as soybeans, long beans, dill, corn, and other stuff that I can’t recall right now.

Moral of the story? Grow your own produce. It’s healthier and saves money (a combo you don’t see too often). If you can’t, then buy produce that’s currently in season or go visit your nearest U-pick farm.

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