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CVS Loot

Wow, I couldn’t believe all the stuff I got. Hubby needed me to stop and get him spray starch so I decided to go to CVS. Right at the front was a car full of stuff with a sign that said 90% off. Everything in the picture except the spray starch, Adidas deodarant and Biore face wash was 90% off. The most expensive thing from that clearance cart was only .99 – the Brut cologne spray. I really should’ve bought all the toothpastes there was but wanted to leave some for others to get.

I have tons of toothpaste and toothbrushes so we’re sending a toiletry package to my MIL as she’s on a VERY tight budget so I know this will help some.

I’ve been keeping all my extras in a donation box and I give the toiletries to my friends I know are strapped on money and the rest to an organization that gives these out to those in shelters.

It really is so much fun shopping at CVS and being able to give to others even when finances are tight for us. =)

I highly recommend that you get all the free after ECBs and toiletry items when they are dirt cheap even if you don’t need it and give them to those in need. It’s such an awesome feeling to know you are helping others when you can get so stocked up on toiletries and have extras.

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