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Swap and Search and Win Sites – Just won $5

Have you tried out Swaptree yet? I’ve gotten 5 new-to-me Wii games for my 5 no-longer-playing Wii games. All it cost me for each game was $3.xx for shipping my games out. It’s sooooo much cheaper than selling it to a used game shop and buying one of their previously played games.

You can also swap books, dvds, and cds on their site. You may have to wait awhile for the item you want especially if there are only a few or none available to trade.

For swapping books or DVDs, I actually go with PaperBackSwap and Swap A DVD, respectively.

Now, about search and win sites. If you don’t use them, you really are missing out. I’m sure you do searches on google daily for one thing or another. Even if you don’t, you should still sign up. I’ve won many gift certificates & movie tickets because of these sites. I just won $5 to a few hours prior from the newest search and win site I signed up for, Luckaroo.

When Blingo was very new in 2005, I won a prize each month. As time passed and Blingo got more popular, I won less and less. I still use Blingo because only the first 10 searches each day gives you a chance to win.

The search and win sites I use are:
Swagbucks (I just signed up a few days ago but I’ve won 10 swagbucks so far and only 40 are needed to get a $5 amazon gift certificate)
Luckaroo (just won $5 amazon gift cert a few hours ago)
Luckysearch (just recently signed up)
Winzy (have yet to win)
Blingo (won 17 prizes since 6/2005)

All of these offers you prizes when your referrals win.

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