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Swagbucks Rave!

I just have to rave about Swagbucks again. I’ve gotten $15 in amazon gift codes already and have almost enough to get another $10 in amazon gift codes just from doing my online searching with them instead of google. I earn enough swagbucks each day to get at least $10 if not more each month and now it’ll be even faster due to the swagbucks my referred friend earns.

There are other ways to earn swagbucks by downloading the toolbar, following the blog for swagcodes that get you swagbucks, etc.

All I need is 450 swagbucks to get a $5 amazon gift code. A $5 Starbucks card is only 500 swagbucks. There are a ton more gift cards, video games, mp3 singles and albums, trading cards, etc that you could use swagbucks to get.

Swagbucks just added airline miles to the swag store. I could really use the airline miles because we have 2 trips we need to make this year.

Refer friends and you’ll earn the same amount they earn, up to 100 swagbucks.

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