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My Healing Testimony from a Bartholin’s Cyst

It’s been a week since I was healed and never felt so thankful to be able to walk without pain! It all started on Tuesday when I noticed a soreness every time I sat down and it was a soreness only on my left side. I realized that evening what it was. It’s happened twice before. The dreaded Bartholin’s Cyst has returned.

Bartholin’s Cyst is a cyst that has formed from the blocked duct of the Bartholin Gland that women have.

It was a tiny bump when I first noticed it on Tuesday and then by Thursday, I was definitely in a lot more pain when sitting down. I started sitting in a few inches of hot water in the tub for 10-15 minutes and would put a hot compress on it the rest of the time while I was sitting down.

My husband and I already prayed for my healing. I was reading scriptures related to healing and came upon Psalm 30:2 – Lord my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me. When I read that, it really stood out to me! I knew that particular scripture out of all the ones I had just read was for me.

By Friday, it was so large (about the size of an extra large marble) I would have my daughter help me as much as she could so I could stay on the couch. Having a 16 month old meant I still had to get up quite often. Thankfully my oldest was able to help occupy her most of the day and helped when she could.

As soon as my husband came home, I had him take over so I could stay in bed. The pain was so bad I had to go sit in the tub again hoping to get relief. It now hurt to sit in the tub even and wasn’t finding any relief . I sat and cried for a minute and got online searching to see if there was anything else I could do or take for this. I found a forum where people talked about taking Boiron Silicea 30 and it worked for them. My only problem was the fact that I’m still breastfeeding.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, I wasn’t sleeping well because of the pain. Previously, I was able to find relief by laying in bed with a pillow under my legs but even now I was constantly feeling a dull pain. At 5 AM, the baby woke up and I as I got out of bed and slowly walked out my bedroom, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t go any further. My husband was just getting ready to leave for work so I asked him to get her out of the crib for me to nurse her. As I went to sit down on the couch, I just about cried from all the pain. Hubby asked if I wanted him to stay home and I told him yes as I couldn’t imagine being home with the girls by myself when I was in such pain.

The baby went back to bed after nursing and so did I. I somehow was able to fall back asleep for a few hours. Later that morning, I had to get up to use the bathroom and that was a huge chore! By the time I got back in bed, I started to say to God, “I can’t handle the pain any longer. It’s unbearable! Did you not hear my cry?” I was thinking about going to the ER to have them cut it to drain it and was even tempted to try to drain the darn cyst myself but I didn’t want to get cut.

I went back online again to search some more and found this thread where the person talked about using a mixture of calamine lotion, tea tree (melaleuca essential oil), and witch hazel, soaking a cotton ball in that mixture and putting it on the cyst. The poster said it burst and started to drain within the hour. I searched some more to see if there was anything else about tea tree oil (that’s all I had) and Bartholin’s Cyst. I clicked onto this post from the search results and my eyes got big when I got to this part of the post:

It helped a lot that I prayed and read my bible (“O Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You have healed me.” –Psalm 30:2) and acted early on the bump.

It was the Lord telling me He had indeed heard me. I could feel His presence and touch and started to cry. I just knew I was going to see my healing come to pass that day! I had my hubby bring me a cup with a little bit of coconut oil and the tea tree oil. I put about 10 drops into the oil and soaked a cotton ball with it and put it on my cyst. I changed it every couple of hours and it was late afternoon when I noticed I could shift positions in bed without any pain. I was excited the tea tree oil was working!! It was still painful to walk to use the bathroom. Around 6 pm I could tell I was feeling different and got up to walk out to the living room. I slowly walked out and realized there was ZERO pain! I called out to my hubby and started praising and thanking God! It was so awesome! There was still quite a bit of soreness but the excruciating pain was completely gone and a few hours later, even the soreness was gone.

I was so thankful to be able to go to church the next morning and not be agony and stuck in bed. I was so glad I was able to attend the memorial service of my friend’s daughter later that night, too!

I wanted to share this so anyone searching this issue would find this a help. For me, tea tree oil and God helped heal this and I pray I won’t be getting this ever again!



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17 comments to My Healing Testimony from a Bartholin’s Cyst

  • I will certainly keep you in my prayers. It is never easy to be in pain and so hard to remember some days that He does hear us!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Tortilla Cookbook giveaway Tortillas to the Rescue CookbookMy Profile

  • God is so so faithful to His Word and what’s more awesome is the way He astounds us with the way He does things. Am so happy for you!!

  • shannon

    I Knew I would be healed when i read your post. I have prayed about my situation and just need releif. so thank you fior your post.

  • quiteezajogga

    Was it the Lord, or was it a few brave, mortal women on the web who were generous enough to share their cures with the world? Though I admire your faith, it was more likely a woman named Phoebe wo lead you to tea tree oil to heal you. Though it’s nice to recognize God, I think you should thank the person who posted the homeopathic remedy first. Women helping women can be a powerful thing. In fact, women have helped women long before Jesus was born!

  • Cynthia

    Hi gal thanks for ur post bout ur experience vit pain along vit godly faith,wanted to share tis all women, am 31 and tis is ve first time i ever experienced tis hell, i had my periods postponed naturally however had taken medication and had my periods on sunday, i had heavy bleeding since the 3rd day of my periods as it was delayed by a month i expected tis, on the fourth day i was literaly tired vit pain in my abdomen, tis ws the day wen cyst started and i dint realize it, on the 5th day is wen i felt bump on my vagina, as i was bleeding i was not comfortable going to the doc, it ws on the 7 th day wen my bleeding stopped and by ten cyst had grown by 4 days, trust me galz nothing worst can happen to a women it ws a deadly pain, it literally killed me, am obese and imagine me not able to even see it, i had checked vit gyno had was on antibiotic and pain killer for 3 days and dint help a bit, tats wen i went through all the post bout tis deadly thing, yesterday was wen i lost belief in god as i had to spend sleepless night, i cried all night long as i cld not manage to lay down either side nor i could sit or stand, i had dapped tea tree oil in a cotten and kept it inside of my vagina muscle, yes the pain reduced for 3 hours however as i said night i was in hell, morng at 4 again i applied little coconut oil as my skin was fully dry, (forgot to say i use to take sitz bath 3 times a day vit sea salt), I again dapped cotten vit 10 drops of tea tree oil and slowly placed it inside, believe me i had forgotten if ter is a world outside vit happiness, tats how the pain was, i cried out loud for anu 10 min later i could fel relaxed and felt wet, wen i checked can u believe the cyst had drained:-) could not be more happy, i am thankful for each and every women who is written about their experience, u galz r realy lovely, phoebe ur really great thanks to u and i ve seen lot of thanks from lots of women, god bless u, and ofcoure the healing psalm helped me, THANKS A TON TO ALL MY LOVELY WOMEN FRIENDS:-)

  • Lina

    I started using the tea tree oil and noticed it swelling down within two hours. God is good,”. Bartholin cysts is by far the worse pain Ive ever encountered in my entire life. I thank God and whoever made this post. Amen

  • katieholder

    I just want to say thank you for posting this it has helped me wonders physically and spiritually I have been dealing with this cyst for 3 days now I have had a cyst before and it was terrible I didn’t want to have to go to the emergency clinic again to get it popped . I have been praying and praying and asking for the lord to help me with this it has been the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life worse than any piercings tattoo or surgery I have had. I was frantically searching through web sites looking for a way to get rid of the cyst I looked everywhere and I couldn’t seem to find the remedy. I’m trying sitz baths and salt water and epson salt I just bought some tea tree and some novacane to numb it I really just don’t know what to do so I guess I just want to say thank you for making my spirits and letting me know that everything will be OK and I’m not alone in this. the worst part of it all is I started my. When the cyst started becoming abcessed.. it’s hard to stay positive in situations like this but this post has help me please keep me in your prayers that this cyst goes away I start work tomorrow and don’t want to feel like this

    • Hi Katie! I’m so sorry and I totally understand! I will pray for you! I did end up with it again after this post just a few months later and it lasted a LOT longer than this time. It wasn’t as painful as it was when I wrote this post – maybe because I constantly had a cotton ball with tea tree oil on it. But it took longer for it burst and drain.
      And I kept confessing my healing out loud! 🙂

      • katieholder

        thank u soooo much for the response I wasnt expexting one at all so it was a nice suprise. the lord is working with me I have been crying n pain alllllday but have found peace nd comfort in the last hour so praise jesus hes always listening.. ill be praying for it to rupture on its own if not im going to go to the doctor im trying to decide if I should go in the morning since monday is a holiday.. sry to hear u got another cyst this is my second abcessed cyst on my vaginal area..i hope this time it goes away and stays away! my prays are out t anyone that has or have expierence this. not sure if its a good idea but I was hurting so much I put some stronger oregel and applied it to the area it feels a million times better I had to put alot on it but suprisingly it workes for the times that the pain feels incruciating it gave me tempory relief 🙂 god bless.

    • Paige

      Katie Holder,

      I believe that the cysts become abcessed because of our periods, i have had this off and on for about 3 yrs, and just recently over the last 6 months i have realized that the pain and swelling is always the worst the week before and during my period. I am going to get the depo shot to stop my period and see if this helps, if so I will let you ladies know…also TEA TREE OIL IS THE SAVIOR for this pain, it numbs and treats infection!

  • I’m going through the same pain, but I’m only 16 years old 🙁
    I’ve had any sexual intercourse or what so ever…. But randomly after my church practice it started hurting and now it getting bigger 🙁
    I’m in soooo much pain but I’m to embarrassed to tell my mom or anyone 🙁 Im a leader for the VBS tmr and I’m in horrid pain 🙁

    • I’m so sorry! I’m praying it heals up quick!
      It has nothing to do with whether or not you had intercourse. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s not an STD or anything so there’s no reason not to tell your mom! Keep praying and get some coconut oil, tea tree oil.
      Soak in hot bath with epsom salts and massage the area.

  • kara

    I have had these cyst 3 times over the course of 3urs. One word, MISERABLE! the first time I thought it was a yeast infection, so I decided hey let me treat it myself… Wrong! Let’s just say if got really infected .and about the size of a tennis ball. I had to wait 2 more days .before icould have it drained. Oh the horror! I went through went the lance and I forget the correct word catheter I believe. That hunted like crazy! Even after. Going to the bathroom was dreadful. I finally decided to deflate it and move on . What a relief that was! One yr later this monster comes back. It was Christmas, so you know I was deeply depressed. I cried. & cried. Why me Lord. I know he won’t put more on you than you can bare, I was just a total wreck. This is when I decided to online search home remedies. I tried the hot baths 3-5 times a day for 30-45 minutes. And a hot towel the rest. On the 3rd I remembered I had penicillin, and I was told it fights off infection, so I immediately popped one and layed dwn. Later that day I took another sitz bath (warm water) .But when I got out i .took. 2 at the same time. Got my hot towel and laid down. Few hours went by taking a nap. I woke up to the cyst draining. I had felt no pain whatsoever. I begin to squeeze it as more came out, and I could instantly feel the relief of pain and pressure a
    . and that was it. I cleaned myself thoroughly and procededed to move on with my life Yay! Thank you Jesus! Now I’m sitting rather lying in bed today with this chip on my shoulder b/c I can not hardly move. I noticed a lump a .few days ago, but I .was just hoping it wasn’t what I thought. Low and behold yesterday it’s full fledged. I tried what I did previous which was simple. But this isn’t working. I tried castor, which reduced the size, but no action. And it grew through through the night….. huge sigh….So I’m now on to the tea tree, witch hazel and calamine lotion. asking God for deliverance and healing now in his. I do believe I have saw results already, bit I can’t be to sure for this cyst can be deceitful! It has become hard and size has reduced alot with a little discharge, but not full fledged drainage. I’m going to continue this method and do a follow up. This pain is so awful, it will make you feel like the world is ending on your behalf. I can’t do anything! I’m just so blessed to have a jobwho understanding my situation. I know what your all going through. BTW my cyst has came in the same spot each time. I wish everyone the best in this rough time. I’m 27 and if anyone wants to email me feel free. God Bless! sorry for typing errors. My phone. Smh

  • mayu

    Thanks for sharing girl… this exactly the information I was looking for! I hope it works for me!!!

  • kara

    Tea tree oil works!!!

  • Thank you for sharing. God is faithful and sovereign. I too prayed when the cyst got painful to sit or walk. did the sitz bath, heating pad, and took motrin and prayed. Motrin did help alleviate some of the pain. I couldn’t stand the pain which was getting progressively worse. The next morning I continued to pray and scheduled an appointment with OB/gyn to have it drained. Being an anesthetist I knew that injecting local anesthetic into an infected wound may not numb the area. My fear was the painful local anesthetic injection (stings like a bee!), scapel pain and the local anesthetic not working. I prayed specifically that God would allow the wound to burst open before my ob/gyn visit. My God heard me and allowed the cyst to burst, when the sudden pain went away I thought it was the motrin kicking in, but several hours later I went to the restroom and saw that indeed the cyst burst with blood and pus. I will still keep the ob/gyn appointment this afternoon. Keep the area clean with sitz bath and tea tree oil for infection control. God is only a prayer away. Never lose hope, and if He doesn’t answer your prayer, perhaps He is trying to get your attention by getting you to the Doctor’s office for something more important. I haven’t had a woman’s checkup for 2 years, so this cyst forced me to go in for one. When He doesn’t answer your prayer always remember that He is a loving God who has your best interest, and will use all circumstances for your good. Our Lord Jesus intercedes for us and hears our prayers.

  • […] Boy did I feel like my faith was being tried in the area of healing because I just noticed the Bartholin’s Cyst was back (it’s not abscessed so there’s no pain) after just having that cyst 2 months ago that […]

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