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Always Redeem Your Reward Points Often – Superpoints Closed

image If you are a member of different websites that you can earn points to redeem for gift cards and prizes like Swagbucks, do it often. Why? You just never know when a company will go under. Case in point, I went to click the Superpoints button and there was a notice that the site was being suspended and they don’t know if the site will go back up in the future.

According to the notice, they will do their best to fulfill any redemptions made prior to 3pm CST today.

There were so many reward sites that come and go so it’s always best to not accumulate your point. You should redeem your points often and on a regular basis because if you save up and the company goes under, there goes all your points. That to me is money lost. I used to wait until I accumulated $25 in points for amazon gift cards and then Superpoints raised the prices on the all the gift cards so I started redeeming everytime I accumulated $10 worth of points and just redeemed for another gift card just last week and I’m glad I did. And even if I didn’t, at least it was only $10 worth and not $25 worth of points so that makes the loss more bearable. I know many of my blogger friends were waiting to reach $100 worth of points and now they’ve lost it.

I’ve seen the Swagbucks widget on some blogs I’ve visited and have seen that they have thousands in Swagbucks. I’ve always asked myself why they don’t redeem. That’s a lot of swagbucks worth a very good amount in gift cards that could easily be lost if Swagbucks closed down.

If you use the Viggle app, you definitely want to redeem your points as soon as you find something you want because I noticed that they keep increasing the prices of their rewards. When I first started using Viggle, the Lowe’s $5 GC and most other $5 GCs were 8000 points and the next time the Lowe’s $5 GC was available again, the price was 12,000 points!


I’m pretty bummed about Superpoints closing but I’m thankful for all the money I’ve earned in Paypal cash and Amazon gift cards in the past year.

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