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Oral-B Professional Precision 5000 Review

How many of you have heard that you’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes every time you brush? Now how many of you that knew that actually brush for two minutes?

If I brush with a manual toothbrush, I don’t ever time myself to make sure I brush for the full two minutes. But ever since I started using an electric toothbrush years ago, I’ve been brushing a full two minutes every time. The toothbrush I had been using would turn off automatically once the two minutes were up.

pc5000_1 For the past two weeks though, I’ve been using the Oral-B Professional Precision 5000 that I received. Some of my favorite features of this toothbrush are:

  • timer with quadrant prompt – it beeps at every 30 second interval to let you know to move on to the next quadrant
  • has a light indicator to let you know you’re brushing too hard
  • the wireless SmartGuide that shows me the timer and doubles as a clock

To read about all the features this toothbrush offers, click here.


  • all the features I mentioned above
  • feels like it gets my teeth squeaky clean
  • has a rechargeable battery that lasts two weeks on a full charge
  • more than one person can use this just by changing the brush head
  • has different brush heads for different cleaning purposes
  • replacement brush heads are cheaper than my other electric toothbrush


  • the height of the brush head is higher than my previous electric and manual toothbrushes so I have to open my mouth wider when brushing the tops of molars and avoid hitting the opposing molars and cause jarring
  • it is pricey (retails for $160) but it’s a good investment and only one is needed to be used by the whole family (currently only $95 on Amazon)

As with all electric toothbrushes, you’ll need to get used to the feel of it, especially if you are just switching from a manual brush. I’ve been using an electric one for many years so I didn’t think I would have a problem. I had a hard time with this toothbrush because it kept jarring my mouth and that would make my head a little dizzy. I was ready to go back to my old brush after a few times but I kept using it and just made sure to use a light hand and open wide enough so that the back of the brush head wouldn’t hit my other teeth. I’ve definitely gotten used to it now and definitely prefer the small round head over the elongated brush head of my previous brush.

And as frugal as I am, this is one thing I would buy. I had to replace my previous electric toothbrush because the battery was no longer charging after 5 years so I consider it an investment for the health of my teeth. I saved up my Amazon gift codes from Swagbucks to buy the replacement.

I can’t really say if there is a difference in clean teeth between the Oral B and my previous electric toothbrush but I totally believe the Oral B does an amazing job over a manual toothbrush. I just don’t feel I do a good enough job with a manual brush.




I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Modern Mom on behalf of Oral-B and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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