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Punchard App – Win Gift Cards and Prizes!

Punchcard AppI found a new app called Punchcard! It’s an awesome app that gives you a chance to win prizes every time you scan a receipt that you got either from a grocery shopping, eating out, going to the mall, etc! As long as the store is listed in the app, you can scan the receipt!

I’ve already won 13 $1 Amazon GCs just from scanning all my shopping receipts! I actually won 2 more $1 Amazon cards but lost them because those receipts were denied due to an error on their part. Make sure the address and phone number listed on the receipts and Punchcard.

This is available for the iPhone (I use my iPod Touch) and Android phones.

Once you search and find the store you have a receipt for, you scan it and then spin a wheel. The wheel only has one slot for a prize and the rest are various amounts of points. The points you have determine which level of prizes are you eligible to win.

Some of the prizes available to win, besides GCs, through Punchcard are Starbucks GCs, Banana Republic GCs, other gift cards, griddlers, electronics, iPad Mini, breadmaker, etc.

Have you won any prizes besides the common $1 GC?

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3 comments to Punchard App – Win Gift Cards and Prizes!

  • Jasanna Czellar

    I haven’t heard of this app! Downloading it now! 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  • Jenna

    I have this app and am still figuring out how it works… I haven’t won a prize yet. Is the only way to win a prize to land on the “prize” slot on the spinning wheel?

    • Hi Jenna! Thanks for commenting! Yes, the only way to win a prize is to land on that “Prize” slot on the wheel! How often have you been scanning reciepts? Early in the morning is a better time to scan receipts because there aren’t as many people up doing that. I still scan during the day. I try to scan at different times of the day.

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