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Magnum Ice Cream $1 a Box at Publix!

icecreamWhat a deal!

I just found these Magnum ice cream bars  on clearance at my Publix here in FL for ONLY $1 a box! These are usually $4 for a box of 3 ice cream bars! It was only for the Mochaccino flavor.  If there’s a $1 off coupon, these would be free!

I guess that flavor wasn’t selling well so they decided to get rid of what they had left! They were pretty yummy though!

On top of the awesome price,  there was a tear off offer on the box for $10 movie cash and $25 DiningCash for 3 purchases of the Magnum multi-bar products. Each tear-off sticker has a code and I had 3 so I was able to redeem that offer!

Ice cream and a movie ticket and dinner voucher – quite an awesome deal!

Now to figure out a movie to go see and where to go for dinner with these vouchers for a date night! 🙂

Comment if you find this on clearance at your Publix!

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