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Seriously Getting Into Makeup


Ok, it sounds crazy, I know. I am just now getting into makeup. Well, more seriously anyway. I’ve always had makeup, which usually only consists of powder, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. I would only put it on very occasionally, usually only during special occasions like a date night with my hubby or a wedding.

I never really cared to spend the time to put on makeup everyday before going out. And I also didn’t want to people to get in a habit of seeing me with makeup that they would be surprised to see a face naked without makeup. LOL That was just my way of thinking. I would have rathered people surprised to see my face with makeup.

So why I have I suddenly changed in the area of makeup? It all started when we were preparing to move to Nassau and launch out into full time ministry starting a church. I know I’ll be teaching/preaching on occasion and just the realization that I’ll be “out there” in front of people more that suddenly got me wanting to start putting on makeup more on a daily basis instead of just special occasions.

And so, I have been watching youtube videos on how to apply makeup, especially to the eyes, for those of us with monolids. When I’ve put a line of black eyeliner to the lash line of of my lid, you could never see it because of the way my eyes and eyelids are.

Here’s a great video on a smoky eye with monolids:

And here’s one for how to use eyeliner:

Both my girls have been blessed with double eyelids (where you can see the eyelid right by the lash line) that many Asians pay to have it surgically done. I think I’ll stick with what God has given me and just adapt the application of eye makeup to suit the form of my eyes. 🙂 Thankfully, with these video tutorials, it’s a lot easier to learn how to do it. 🙂

Any Asian readers of mine know of any other good tutorials specifically for Asian eyes?

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