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My Little Sweetpea Turned Four – Chocolate Cake From Scratch


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My little girl turned 4 yesterday and her and my oldest have been asking me to make a cake instead of buying one. I like to bake but as far as cake making, the most I do when it comes to cake is bake them (just one pan) and eat it as is, no frosting.

I decided to go ahead and try it and started a search for healthy chocolate cake and frosting recipe.

I found this one from Chocolate Covered Katie and decided this was the one I wanted to use for the cake.

I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, regular white sugar (just ordered whole cane sugar & waiting for it to arrive from the US), real salt (unrefined and contains minerals), and coconut oil (instead of nut butter).

It came out kinda flat as you may be able to tell in the picture below (it’s the one on the bottom of the pic) so when I made the second cake ( I only have one 8 in round cake pan), I used a mix of whole wheat and white flour and that one rose more and came out better. Hubby could also tell the difference and said that layer tasted better.


Then I searched for a healthy chocolate frosting recipe and decided on this recipe. I doubled the recipe and used unsweetened cocoa powder, butter, and honey. I actually forgot the salt. It came out really stiff and gritty and bitter! Silly me, but I didn’t realize I was basically making a dark chocolate frosting. It was so bitter I ended up adding a LOT more honey to get it sweet enough. I also had to add more oil ( I ended up using coconut oil until it wasn’t so stiff and so it would be spreadable.

So, here’s the finished cake.

I don’t know what I did wrong but it wasn’t very smooth. It looked quite gritty. Now I know, I will have to use semi-sweet chocolate chips next time for a more palatable frosting cause neither the kids nor my husband liked the frosting! They still ate the cake but left the frosting! The cake was quite rich and we really could have used a cup of milk to go with it, but we ran out.

Despite the failure of the frosting, my little girl loved that I made her birthday cake and said she enjoyed the cake, but not the frosting.  🙂


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