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Osprey Nest & Other Birds Live Web Cam

Osprey Camera 

I originally stumbled upon a Red-Tailed Hawk Nest’s Live cam a few months ago and caught them at the end of chick-rearing season. Then I thought maybe there are other birds’ nest cams and searched for Ospreys and found this one. This one is my favorite so far because their camera offers night vision, so you can still watch the nest even when dark. I have been watching every now and then since there were eggs. It’s amazing how fast they grow. There are 3 chicks in this nest (the 4th egg never hatched). Here’s another Osprey nest cam.

I also found this Peregrine Falcon’s nest web cam (the chicks already left) but I’ve bookmarked all the ones I’ve found to watch next year.

This site has a bunch of different kinds of web cams and is where I first came upon the Red-Tailed Hawk nest. They had a Bald Eagle nest as well.

These web cams are great for kids to learn and see firsthand how baby birds are raised. Having lived in Florida for 17 years, I saw a LOT of Osprey nests and always wished I could look into them. Now I can! 🙂


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