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Teaching Textbooks and Xtramath for Homeschool


I started this past year with Teaching Textbooks for math with my oldest and I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I was using Math-U-See, but decided to switch when I heard they went Common Core.

I bought Teaching Textbooks used from someone in a Facebook group. It comes with a 4 CD set and workbook and answer booklet. I bought the whole set and haven’t used the workbook or answer booklet at all. I know many do use it but I haven’t found the need to so I will get the CD-ROMS only when I get the next grade.

My daughter really enjoys learning math with this method. I like it because it does a great job at explaining. It takes the pressure off me to explain the facts and process. She can easily replay it if there’s something she didn’t quite understand. That’s why I liked Math-U-See, because Steve Demme would explain each lesson on the DVD.

Back to Teaching Textbooks. Each lecture is short. It makes word problems fun for her with the pictures of the story in the word problem. And the best part of it, in my opinion, is that after each lecture, it has her review each of the previous lessons by giving problems for her to solve so it isn’t all only problems related to the current lesson. This way, it helps her to remember all she’s learned in the past. The other feature I really like is that it explains how one gets to the answer for each problem. She watches the explanation when she gets an incorrect answer.

I’m glad to have learned about Teaching Textbooks and it’s what I will be sticking with now.

For Xtramath (I wrote about it here) , she’s still using it because she hasn’t mastered the math facts. She still has to think about (and count on her finger or in her head) each problem before she can give an answer. It’s only for reinforcing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and doesn’t go further than that. This will help her to not have to use her fingers and skip count. I love that it’s free!

If you’re interested in Teaching Textbooks, go to Teaching Textbooks, check out the demo for the grade you’d need. There’s also a placement test to help you know which grade your child would need. Here are some of the facebook groups for Teaching Textbooks sales: here, here, and here.

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