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7 Things You Can Cook With a Rice Cooker

rice cooker

It has been just a little over a here since we took a huge leap of faith and moved from Brandon (Tampa), FL to Nassau, Bahamas to follow the call of God. It hasn’t been an easy year for us, but it has been a year of huge spiritual growth for us (more so for me, I think). My faith in Him has increased so much since seeing His hand at work in us in regards to the area of financial needs. My husband hasn’t worked a job but has been ministering to people the past year and we have NEVER gone to bed without having something to eat.

We’ve had to improvise a LOT since living here. At first, it was because we weren’t able to get our kitchen items shipped over here for several months. Now we had to do it again because we had to move to his grandmother’s unfinished apartment that is attached to her house. And by unfinished, I mean it was nothing but 4 walls and several windows. We moved in in Sept with just framing all inside and drywall only on the inside of our bedroom. I won’t go into why we ended up moving into this unfinished apartment. Let’s just say it was a blessing to have a roof over our heads.

Anyway, since there was no kitchen or bathroom for us to use, we had to constantly go to his Grammy’s house to use the bathroom and cook. Just recently, we stopped going over to the house cause we didn’t want to bother her and also because of the fact that we don’t have the keys. We decided to start using our toaster oven, rice cooker, and crockpot to cook food. I’ll be very happy once the stove gets hooked up, but until then, I’m very thankful for the trusty 3 small appliances we have.

It was my husband’s idea to start cooking things in the rice cooker. And he got the idea because he met a guy here that had lived in China for several years and said he used a rice cooker to cook everything.

The rice cooker has really come in quite handy. The 7 things you can cook with a rice cooker (because we’ve actually done it) are:

  1. Macaroni and cheese – we cooked the pasta first, emptied any remaining water, then added milk and cream, cooked a few more minutes, then added the cheese and mixed it all up with the pasta and voila, mac & cheese!
  2. Grits – so much easier in the rice cooker since I fill it with water and grits and wait for the cooker to ding! and then add a little more water if necessary and stir!
  3. Farina (cream of wheat) – just like grits, fill with water and farina and set it and forget it! 🙂
  4. Pasta – just like mac and cheese, I cook the pasta, drain it and put in whatever I want it mixed with which was frozen veggies and sausage and let it sit in the cooker until the veggies and sausage are heated up. Then I served it with pasta sauce.
  5. Boiled sweet potatoes – Many times I will cook sweet potatoes just for a snack and it’s super quick and easy to just clean the sweet potatoes and plop them in the pot of water and let it cook!
  6. Steamed sweet potatoes – When I’m not so tired or in a rush to eat, I’ll cut it up or just slice it down the middle lengthwise and put it in the steamer insert and fill the bottom pot with water and steam the sweet potatoes.
  7. Boiled water – it may seem silly to add this to my list but some may not think of something as simple as boiling water in the cooker. Since we don’t have a stove to use at the moment, this has worked quite well in having hot water for tea (or instant coffee) to drink! 🙂

Haven’t done it yet, but also plan to use it for boiling eggs, and oatmeal. Like I mentioned in the list, my rice cooker comes with a steamer insert so I can add steamed veggies and even make steamed scrambled eggs (my mom made that a lot with some ground meat mixed in). And I just remembered I can make steamed buns. I much prefer steamed buns over regular bread rolls.

There’s so much more I can think of now that I can do with the rice cooker. Anything you normally boil in water on the stove can be done in this cooker. The awesome thing is you don’t have to worry about over boiling the pot dry like I’ve done in the past where I forgot I had something on the stove and all the water was boiled away.

I’ve read that you can make chocolate lava cake (and other cakes) in a crockpot and I’m thinking you can probably do the same with this cooker. In fact, I found this list of what else a rice cooker can be used to make and chocolate lava cake is one of them, in addition to other cakes and yummy food!

Do you have a rice cooker? Have you made anything else besides rice in your?

If you don’t, would you want one now that you know it can be a multi-purpose appliance?

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