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Random Thoughts – Bread Making


Sorry I haven’t been posting much about life here in the Bahamas. I’m a little leary of sharing personal stuff my hubby wouldn’t be happy with me sharing. A lot of our lifestyle wouldn’t be understood by most people. We moved here as missionaries and we are completely living by faith. That means we live totally dependent on God. I’m home with the kids and homeschooling and hubby does ministry work full time. He’s not working a regular job. It’s what he felt the Lord wanted him to do, which is to focus on ministry and not working a regular job.

How do we get income, you ask? Many people (even his own family, and mine, of course) think we’re crazy for not working a job. Ministry is a full time job and we have many friends in the ministry that are working a job and pastoring a church. We also have many friends that DON’T work a job and minister full time. It’s all on what God has called each person or family to do. Anyway, God has been the one providing the income. It’s been an amazing adventure this past year. We’ve seen the hand of God like never before. He’s spoken to many people in sending us money. We’ve also had people bless us with groceries, and always right when we run out of food! I’ll be posting some of these testimonies in the future in my Testimony Time posts. I have so many more testimonies because of this past year.

We were blessed with a lot of flour recently so I’ve started making bread again and thought I’d try making pita bread cause hubby wanted something different than the regular loaf bread I’ve been making. I have the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day book and it has a recipe for pita bread. I tried it last night and it came out great! I won’t be buying pita bread from the store anymore now that I know how easy it is to make it.

Since the dough I made was for regular loaf bread, the pita was plain. So today, I made a new batch of dough (I used the recipe for olive oil dough) and added italian seasoning and minced garlic. The dough smelled amazing. It wasn’t as fragrant once it was baked but it tastes great. I would probably add more garlic next time. I like garlic, a lot! 🙂

If you haven’t tried no-knead bread making and you like fresh homemade bread, then you must give it a shot!! I will write a separate post on the making no-knead bread but if you can’t wait for the post, just do a search for no-knead bread and you’ll have no problem finding it. I also highly recommend getting the book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Buy it or borrow it from the library! If I knew bread making could be this easy, I would’ve been making my own bread years ago!!!


I made potato bread for the first time recently. It’s a Bahamian food. It uses a sweet potato that are called Boniatos. It didn’t come out exactly like the potato bread others had given us but it was still tasty. I’m hoping to find someone that makes it and can tell me what is the proper way to do it. I followed the recipe I found online but it didn’t give any details on the kind of potato used and if they needed to be dried after shredding or what.


I’ve been reading The Green Ember (the kindle version is free! :))  as a read-aloud to the kids and it’s now it’s part of family time. My husband started listening in in the middle of the book and now he’s caught up in it. If he has to do something, he tells me to wait til he’s done so he won’t miss anything. 🙂 My oldest wasn’t too interested in listening when I first started this book but now she begs me to read another chapter after chapter.

Do you have any fun books that you use as a read-aloud?


I just recently found out about all the giveaways Goodreads has from a post at a Books, Bargains, Blessings. I entered to win some books for my kids and myself!

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2 comments to Random Thoughts – Bread Making

  • This sounds like an amazing life. I have been trying to deepen my faith and I completely understand the questioning and doubting of friends and family. God is good and he will provide if you serve him.
    Michelle Saunderson recently posted..My First Time MuddingMy Profile

    • It is an amazing life, this life that God has given us. Once thing is for sure, when you live totally dependent on God, life is full of adventure. Not a dull moment! 🙂
      Yes, He is very good!! Matthew 6:33 and many other scriptures is what we stand on. It’s what He promised, to take care of us and provide for us!
      Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!
      Saph recently posted..Travel Jacket GiveawayMy Profile

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