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Testimony Time – How God blessed us with a car!


I want to start having a regular posting of testimonies. If you have any testimonies of what God has done in your life and would like to share and encourage others, email me at frugalwifeblog @ gmail com.

I’m not sure if I will be posting testimonies on a weekly basis or not. It also depends on how many submissions I get. I wanted to do this so that others can be encouraged by the testimonies posted. I have a list of all the times God has provided for us supernaturally since we embarked on our journey here to the Bahamas. When I get discouraged or have thoughts of whether or not God will come through for us, I go back to my list and read over all He has done for us in the past. It really helps to bolster my faith and gives me encouragement.

inspire others

So, let me get to one of my many testimonies I have of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us!

This was back in 2004 when we lived in Brandon, FL (it’s just outside Tampa). I just had my first baby and she was around 1 month old. Hubby was working as a courier and drove around all day delivering time sensitive documents and packages. We only had one car and it recently had broken down. The repairs cost well over $1000 and we had no extra money to help pay for repairs. So, hubby couldn’t work since his job was to drive around delivering packages.

Now get this, this is a testimony within a testimony. When hubby told his boss our car broke down and he couldn’t go to work, his boss got him a rental car for 2 weeks!! What boss does that? That was such a blessing for us and we were SO grateful! But now, the 2 weeks was almost over and we still weren’t able to solve the main problem, a broken down car and no money to pay for repairs. We had already prayed but hadn’t seen anything happen.

So, it was down to like 2 days or so before we needed to return the rental car and I was home with the baby. This problem weighed heavily on my mind. I remember sitting in front of the computer talking to God. I don’t remember the exact words I used but I basically told Him that there’s nothing we can do about this and that He’s gotta come through with a car somehow! I said this is completely out of our hands and only He can do this. 

I don’t remember how much time passed but the phone rang and it was my friend in NYC. He had led me to Christ in college my freshman year. He told me he’s calling me while on the highway driving down to Tampa (from NYC) to come give us his BMW. Wait, what? Yep, he was coming to deliver his BMW to us. He told me the Lord told him to give it to us. I started crying and told him our situation with our car (which he knew NOTHING about). He told me he was going to get it detailed and then come pick us up and take us to dinner and not to tell my hubby. He wanted to surprise my hubby himself. So he picks us up and we drive to Old Hyde Park (near downtown Tampa) and when we get out of the car, he hands the keys to my hubby and tells him the car is ours! He was shocked of course! We thank him profusely and praise God and then went inside the restaurant to have dinner.

This is definitely something I will never forget! It is such a great reminder of His supernatural provision! This wasn’t even the first car that was given to either of us. Between the 2 of us, before and after we were married, we’ve been given 5 cars. I’ve also given one away as well ( and no, it wasn’t junk, it was still working). I’ve always donated our broken cars to the Kidney Foundation or the like. There are plenty of organizations that accept vehicles. What we have seen in our lives is the biblical principle of sowing and reaping. Maybe in the future I’ll share how God blessed me with my very first car.

I hope this has encouraged your faith!


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