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Laugh It Up Thursday

My husband showed me this a long time ago and it’s hilarious!

My favorite line from this is “Maybe I’ll come down. And maybe I won’t!”

Have something funny to share? Share it in the comments!

Laugh It Up Thursday

I love to laugh and I hope you do, too! I decided to make this a weekly thing cause I love to share funny stuff!

Here’s a hilarious video my hubby’s co-worker told him about. I guess it’s a cable TV show or something and this is just a clip. It’s hilarious! It’s a […]

Really Fun Commerical

This commercial for Google Plus Hangout is a really fun one to watch! I really liked what happened at the very end. Quite funny! 🙂

Chinese Table Tennis Prodigy

I just watched this on Ellen’s website. This little girl is amazing!! You’ve got to watch this.

Human Mirror in NYC

I saw this on From Dates to Diapers and just had to post it here, too! This is a video of a group that organized twins to fill a subway car and created a human mirror. It was funny to watch people’s double takes. LOL

Improv Everywhere is the organizer and when I went […]