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Jay Leno’s Zoo Tube

This was my first time seeing this particular show even though it’s a repeat of May 8th’s show. When I saw this, I had to share it in a post. Watch these 3 videos. It’s hilarious.

Laughter, the Heart’s Best Medicine

I love to laugh. So, I decided to watch some Most Outrageous Moments videos online while hubby was playing the Wii. I just had to share my few favorites:I had gotten this in an email that was forwarded around last year and I still laugh at this!

I couldn’t stop laughing at this one!


Tetris Game With Live People

This is such a neat video of one of my favorite video games, Tetris. The creator of this video used live people and as Tetris pieces. It’s amazing. Can’t imagine how long it must have taken to create this.

Japanese Potty Training Video

This is pretty funny! =)

Kite flying video

This is an awesome video 4 kites flying in formation. It’s the first time I saw something like this and never knew this could be done. The 4 men have an amazing talent. Hubby and I got a kite earlier this summer and only flew it once or twice. It’s hard to find a good […]