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DK FindOut – An encyclopedia for kids

I’m always looking for sites that are fun and educational for my daughter to read and learn about the things that interest her and get her interested in learning about other things that she didn’t know would be fun and interesting.

I was so glad to learn about DK FindOut! This is great for homeschoolers! […]

Trading Unwanted DVDs

I just ordered God Rocks DVD for free from Swap-A-DVD. I’ve gotten a lot of free DVDs since I joined. I also was able to get rid of some DVDs that we don’t care to keep anymore.

All you need to do is post your unwanted DVDs and wait for someone to request […]

Swagbucks Rave!

I just have to rave about Swagbucks again. I’ve gotten $15 in amazon gift codes already and have almost enough to get another $10 in amazon gift codes just from doing my online searching with them instead of google. I earn enough swagbucks each day to get at least $10 if not more each month […]

Swap and Search and Win Sites – Just won $5

Have you tried out Swaptree yet? I’ve gotten 5 new-to-me Wii games for my 5 no-longer-playing Wii games. All it cost me for each game was $3.xx for shipping my games out. It’s sooooo much cheaper than selling it to a used game shop and buying one of their previously played games.

You can […]

Virtual Book, CD, DVD and Game Swap!!

I can’t remember the blog in which I first read about it but I’m loving I’ll be getting 2 new (used but new to me) video games for my Wii in the mail. I had to mail out 2 of my Wii games I was done with in order to get the 2 I’m […]