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Don’t Have Land? Start a Veggie Container Garden

I grew up in NYC (Queens) with my mom that loved to garden. Every year, we’d have a garden full of fresh cucumbers, zucchini, dill, tomatoes, corn, chives, scallions and a even pumpkin and watermelon that would pop up from her compost pile! Not sure if I forgot a veggie or herb.

I haven’t had […]

My Little Sweetpea Turned Four – Chocolate Cake From Scratch

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My little girl turned 4 yesterday and her and my oldest have been asking me to make a cake instead of buying one. I like to bake but as far as cake making, the most I […]

Food Poisoning & Swarming Flies

Not the most inviting of titles, I know. LOL

Wow, it’s been a crazy few days. Hubby came down with a case of food poisoning 3 days ago. Not sure if it was the chicken or the canned crab meat he put in his rice. The girls and I also had chicken […]

Random Thoughts of the Day

Power outage

The power went out last night, AGAIN! Sigh! It went out at 9:30 pm and didn’t come back on until after 9 this morning! It’s been This is the 3rd or 4th time this year already! My hubby’s cousin (who lives next door to us) says it happens a lot more […]

My Kitchen Gadgets Wishlist

Who says women don’t like getting practical items for gifts? Certainly not me!

I’ve have had many kitchen appliances and gadgets on my wishlist for many years. I got my refurbished Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in great condition many, many years ago off of craigslist. The person bought the refurbished mixer but barely […]