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The Whole Family Enjoys Owlegories + Giveaway

I was recently introduced to this new animated series for kids called Owlegories. It’s a cute play on words. Owls are used to teach kids about God through allegories, hence the name, Owlegories. 🙂

This definitely was very entertaining, even for us adults. My husband, who is very particular on what our kids are […]

My Little Sweetpea Turned Four – Chocolate Cake From Scratch

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My little girl turned 4 yesterday and her and my oldest have been asking me to make a cake instead of buying one. I like to bake but as far as cake making, the most I […]

Punchard App – Win Gift Cards and Prizes!

I found a new app called Punchcard! It’s an awesome app that gives you a chance to win prizes every time you scan a receipt that you got either from a grocery shopping, eating out, going to the mall, etc! As long as the store is listed in the app, you can scan […]

Parkesdale Farms Market and Strawberry Shortcake

One of my favorite seasons is upon us here in Florida and that is strawberry season! The supermarkets start having sales on quarts of strawberries and we get to have fresh strawberries for a snack, to dip in chocolate, and with waffles!

One of our family traditions during this season is to go strawberry […]

Baby Socks That Look Like Shoes

Have you seen these socks that look like shoes? I got these Trumpette socks for Baby Girl and everytime someone sees them, they comment on cute her shoes are. They’re pretty surprised when I tell them they’re just socks. In my opinion they’re so much better than regular socks because they make her outfits look […]