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Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit Subscription Box for Dads And Kids

Clipix: The Online Clipboard

Are you a multi-tasker like me and have a gazillion windows open at the same time when you’re on the computer? I’m notorious for having at least 10 different browser tabs and one or two other programs open at the same time. I’m surfing facebook and then I want to read this article and that […]

Trading Unwanted DVDs

I just ordered God Rocks DVD for free from Swap-A-DVD. I’ve gotten a lot of free DVDs since I joined. I also was able to get rid of some DVDs that we don’t care to keep anymore.

All you need to do is post your unwanted DVDs and wait for someone to request […]

GoGo Squeez

My daughter loves applesauce but it’s not something I bring with me when we’re on the go unless I know there’s a place where we can sit and eat. With GoGo squeeZ, I can bring it anywhere and don’t need a spoon! I don’t have to worry about it being messy because my daughter […]

Ten Percent Cash Back For In-Store Shopping Through Endorse

You have got to check out Endorse. It’s this awesome Facebook app(yes, you’ll need to have a Facebook account) that gives you 10% cash back on any product or store that you “endorse”.

You search for a product or store, click “Endorse” and that’s it! Once you endorse it, everytime you purchase that product […]

The Joshua Generation Musical Theater & Production Company

I found out about The Joshua Generation earlier this year when I went to the Tampa Homeschool Convention. I was so excited because I finally found a dance class I could put her in and not have to worry about immodesty or inappropriate dance moves.

So she started her first ballet class yesterday […]