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7 Things You Can Cook With a Rice Cooker

It has been just a little over a here since we took a huge leap of faith and moved from Brandon (Tampa), FL to Nassau, Bahamas to follow the call of God. It hasn’t been an easy year for us, but it has been a year of huge spiritual growth for us (more […]

Four Ways to Get More Out of Your San Diego Vacation

San Diego has a great deal to offer anyone looking to take advantage of the many natural and human-made attractions. One of the things that stops people from enjoying this wondrous ocean-side city is the lack of funds. However, taking a vacation to San Diego can be less expensive than what many may believe. This […]

How to Remove Stains from Sport Uniforms

Here are some great tips on how to remove stains from sport uniforms. I don’t have any kids in sports at the moment (my daughter is in dance/theater) but I know many of you do.

Image provided by: Cisco Athletic. Want to add this illustration to your site too? Click here to get the […]

Always Redeem Your Reward Points Often – Superpoints Closed

If you are a member of different websites that you can earn points to redeem for gift cards and prizes like Swagbucks, do it often. Why? You just never know when a company will go under. Case in point, I went to click the Superpoints button and there was a notice that the site […]

Simple Clogged Drain Fix

The simple things that make me happy. We’ve been having problems with our garbage disposal clogging up. It was just replaced and the water still was going down real slow.

I had read a long time ago that baking soda and vinegar would clear it up and I tried […]