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Tomato Paste in a Tube

I’ve been looking for this when I first saw Rachael Ray use it on her show but I haven’t been able to find it in any of my local grocery stores. I found them on amazon but they’re too expensive.

I somehow stumbled on a website that had a video of someone showing how not […]

Half Price Deals

Did you know you could get gift certificates for local restaurants and attractions at half price through your local radio station??

I had heard about this many times from my local radio station before and never bothered to really take a look at their offers on their website til now. Most of the certificates offered […]

WFMW: Buying Fruits and Veggies in Season

For all you frugal folks like me that are out there, it is always best to shop for fruits and veggies while they are in season. Some fruit like cherries just aren’t available here in Florida until it’s in season. The few times I’ve seen it out of season, it was at some obscene […]

Plastic Bag Keeper

You have til 4/15/08 to get $25 FREE!Sign up for Revolution Money Exchange!

This was my first Works For Me Wednesdays post and it seems to be something that I noticed is most searched for according to my sitemeter stats. By that I mean that I get the most visitors from search engines […]

The Best Time to Use Coupons

Do you use coupons when you go grocery shopping? Do you like to save money?

You are spending too much money if you don’t use coupons. I know, I know, you’re thinking who has the time to clip coupons and such. If you see just how much we “couponers” save, you might think twice and […]