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Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper

I’m all for reusing and personalizing things so here’s a great way to make your own Christmas wrapping paper.

Do you have brown paper bags laying around? Do you have big wall calendars that are blank on the other side of each month? Turn them into wrapping paper that you can design and […]

Edible Homemade Gift Idea

We had a bake sale here at my work a month ago to help raise funds for United Way and someone made chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Mmm, mmm, mmm! It was good and that gave me the idea of a really inexpensive gift idea. Why not try to make that myself?? It’s simple enough. I […]

Tracfone Deal Is Back!!!

It’s baaaack!!! Get a free phone and two 60 minute airtime cards for just $19.99!And on top of that, there’s FREE shipping on purchases over $19.99 at

Everytime they have this promo, I make sure I order them. I use the 60 minute cards and sometimes the phone if we don’t like our […]

Works For Me Wednesdays – Tea Tree Oil

Have you heard of tea tree oil? It’s a must have in my medicine cabinet. It is great as an antiseptic and for antifungal use. It works amazingly fast on cuts and scrapes. 

That’s the first thing my husband puts on when he gets a cut and he always tells me how quickly […]

Works For Me Wednesdays – Home remedies

I’ve had this cough for awhile since having laryngitis that would come and go and it’s been really bothersome these last few days and I was searching for a home remedy to use as an expectorant instead of buying something over the counter. I did a search and found this news article and wanted to […]