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Sports Authority Cyber Week Deals


I don’t know about you but I much prefer shopping on Cyber Monday or during the week following Thanksgiving as some companies make it a Cyber Week of deals. Black Friday is not my cup of tea unless there was something we really needed that is better shopped for in person than over the internet. We got some great deals on winter coats for our family a few years back for our trip to visit the in-laws in TN.

Well, I’m here to share some of Sports Authority’s Cyber Week of deals for those of you not all shopped out from Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

These are the deals that end 12/5:

  • 20% off Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s Nike Cleated Footwear
  • $20-$60 Off Select Nike Golf Bags
  • $39.99 TITLEIST Pro V1 or Pro V1X 12 Pack Golf Balls
  • 40% Off Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s Slalom Outerwear
  • $12.99 N/A Skullcandy Ink’d Mic’d and Chops Buds Headphones
  • $69.99 GARMIN Vivofit 2 Fitness Band
  • 30% Off Women’s, Men’s, and Kid’s Gerry Outerwear

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Thoughts of My Little One in Heaven


October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.

I became one of the statistics almost 2 years ago when I miscarried at 11 weeks. I was one of those people that thought this could never happen to.

I wondered if there was something I could’ve done differently to prevent it.

I learned miscarriage is a LOT more common than I thought. After posting a status on my FB account, I had a whole lot of people message me telling me their stories of miscarriage. It really helped me to not feel alone in this. I was quite surprised how many people had all experience miscarriage.

I started spotting and wasn’t too worried because I know spotting happens occasionally. Then I started to bleed more. I called one of my pastors and asked her to pray for me. I can’t remember how many days passed, but it was Sunday morning when I was at church that I felt something that prompted me to go to the bathroom. Then it happened. While I used the bathroom, I felt something come out. I looked in the toilet and saw a blob.
It was opaque and really small. I wasn’t sure if that was the baby sac. I knew I had to at least examine it and I just sucked it up and stuck my hand in and took it out. I thought the amniotic sac the baby is in would be clear so I didn’t think this was the baby, but I had a feeling it was. Of course, I later found out from my midwife that yes, the sac is clear and it was probably opaque because the baby had already died a week or 2 prior to my miscarrying.

I came out of the bathroom and stood out in the foyer for a few minutes contemplating texting the pastor I had called earlier in the week but didn’t want to disturb her during service. I wanted to cry and needed someone but ended up going back to my seat next to my husband. It took me a bit before I told him I thought I had just lost the baby. He didn’t show much emotion and put his attention back to the service. I, however, couldn’t pay attention. I don’t remember how long it was before I started crying in my seat. I do remember it was near the end of service when friends of ours, a couple, were getting prayed for as they were leaving to start their own church. My husband turns to me and asks, “Are you crying because of they’re leaving?”

I can laugh now but I was thinking, “Are you crazy? I told you earlier I think I lost the baby.”

After the service ended, I was waiting for my pastor friend to talk with her, but she was busy talking with someone else. Another pastor came up to me and asked how I was doing. I told him I think I lost the baby and started crying. He went to find another female pastor. (We have a lot of associate pastors at our church.)

The pastor that came up to me had also had a miscarriage herself so she knew exactly how I was feeling. She prayed for me and encouraged me.

I was in a daze on the ride home. My husband wasn’t much help during this whole period of mourning for me. I had to ask him what the deal was because it didn’t seem like he was bothered at all. He told me he thinks it was because he didn’t really feel attached to the baby. I still don’t understand it but I had to accept it. It just made it harder for me because I felt like I was grieving alone and he didn’t seem to understand and couldn’t empathize.

I was able to function normally because the peace of God gave me strength, but, of course, I had my moments.

That baby would be a year and a few months old right now if he/she was alive on earth. I wish I knew the gender so I could refer to him/her as a him or a her instead of saying him/her. I think about him/her every so often and cry every time I hear of another miscarriage or watch a movie where a character loses a baby.

My only consolation is that he/she is with Jesus and forever safe with Him. He/she will never have to experience pain, sadness, and sorrow. I just need to make sure I finish this race here on earth so that I can be reunited with him/her in heaven!

I see from this and so many other things that have happened in my life how God totally uses these bad situations for His good. He uses me to help others that are going through the exact things that I have gone through by encouraging them and showing them they CAN make it to the other side!!

From my own personal experience when I was going through a crisis, it helps to know the person you’re talking with TOTALLY understands what you are going through and feeling because they’ve been through it themselves. I’ve learned to (but haven’t quite mastered, yet) embrace trials because it not only builds my faith in the Lord and grows me spiritually, but it also adds to my “experience” and enables me to minister to the specific people that are currently going through the trials that I’ve already navigated and share insight and wisdom in those areas.

Hamptons Lane Buy One Get One Free

Hamptons Lane Buy One Get One Free!

hamptons lane

Subscription boxes (or bags) are so much fun because of the surprise factor (for those that don’t reveal what items you will get). Hamptons Lane isn’t one of those but I think it’s still just as cool because I love food and kitchen related subscription boxes.

Hamptons Lane is also different in that you can skip 1,2, 3 months so you don’t have to get it month after month if you don’t want to. And right now, for today only, you can get 2 boxes for the price of one. You pick which box you want and you get the Summer Picnic Box for FREE!

I really like the 2 Bee’s Wrap in this box. It’s an alternative to plastic wrap.

Also included in the box are:

  • Custom Crafted Olivewood & Stainless Steel Knife from Pallares-Solsona,Solsona, Spain
  • Exclusive Genuine Leather Picnic Knife Sheath from Hamptons Lane, New York, New York
  • Trio of Award-winning Tupelo Honey To-Go Packs from Honey Pax, Apalachicola River Basin, Florida
  • 100% Organic Garlic Dill Mustard from Mustard & Co., Seattle, Washington
  • Award-winning Cracker Crisps from Jan’s Farmhouse, Stowe, Vermont

Interested in this deal? Go to Hamptons Lane (my referral link) before midnight EST tonight to get the BOGO!

Teaching Textbooks and Xtramath for Homeschool


I started this past year with Teaching Textbooks for math with my oldest and I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I was using Math-U-See, but decided to switch when I heard they went Common Core.

I bought Teaching Textbooks used from someone in a Facebook group. It comes with a 4 CD set and workbook and answer booklet. I bought the whole set and haven’t used the workbook or answer booklet at all. I know many do use it but I haven’t found the need to so I will get the CD-ROMS only when I get the next grade.

My daughter really enjoys learning math with this method. I like it because it does a great job at explaining. It takes the pressure off me to explain the facts and process. She can easily replay it if there’s something she didn’t quite understand. That’s why I liked Math-U-See, because Steve Demme would explain each lesson on the DVD.

Back to Teaching Textbooks. Each lecture is short. It makes word problems fun for her with the pictures of the story in the word problem. And the best part of it, in my opinion, is that after each lecture, it has her review each of the previous lessons by giving problems for her to solve so it isn’t all only problems related to the current lesson. This way, it helps her to remember all she’s learned in the past. The other feature I really like is that it explains how one gets to the answer for each problem. She watches the explanation when she gets an incorrect answer.

I’m glad to have learned about Teaching Textbooks and it’s what I will be sticking with now.

For Xtramath (I wrote about it here) , she’s still using it because she hasn’t mastered the math facts. She still has to think about (and count on her finger or in her head) each problem before she can give an answer. It’s only for reinforcing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and doesn’t go further than that. This will help her to not have to use her fingers and skip count. I love that it’s free!

If you’re interested in Teaching Textbooks, go to Teaching Textbooks, check out the demo for the grade you’d need. There’s also a placement test to help you know which grade your child would need. Here are some of the facebook groups for Teaching Textbooks sales: here, here, and here.

Osprey Nest & Other Birds Live Web Cam

Osprey Camera 

I originally stumbled upon a Red-Tailed Hawk Nest’s Live cam a few months ago and caught them at the end of chick-rearing season. Then I thought maybe there are other birds’ nest cams and searched for Ospreys and found this one. This one is my favorite so far because their camera offers night vision, so you can still watch the nest even when dark. I have been watching every now and then since there were eggs. It’s amazing how fast they grow. There are 3 chicks in this nest (the 4th egg never hatched). Here’s another Osprey nest cam.

I also found this Peregrine Falcon’s nest web cam (the chicks already left) but I’ve bookmarked all the ones I’ve found to watch next year.

This site has a bunch of different kinds of web cams and is where I first came upon the Red-Tailed Hawk nest. They had a Bald Eagle nest as well.

These web cams are great for kids to learn and see firsthand how baby birds are raised. Having lived in Florida for 17 years, I saw a LOT of Osprey nests and always wished I could look into them. Now I can! 🙂


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